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Being On The Inside

Jul 15, 2020

Ed Accura, Filmmaker, hip hop star, podcast host, co-founder of the Black Swimming Association has just released his first film/documentary. A Film Called Blacks Can´t Swim. 

Inspired to teach the world to Swim, Ed is on a mission to enable Black Asian and Minority ethnic people to get into the water. 

There is a disproportionate amount of non-swimmers in the BAME communities. Sport England found that 95% of black adults and 80% of black children don't swim.

Swimming is my passion, the idea that there are so many barriers to being in the water is saddening. I was so pleased to see that Ed and others from the Black Swimming Association,  with the support of one of the founders, Teams GPS only black swimmer, Alice Dearing have made this an essential conversation, for the swimming world. And to everyone who should have access to learning this essential life skill. 

Still, in lockdown, this podcast was recorded whilst all indoor pools were still closed,  but swimming outside possible, but not doable for all. Recording the podcast still on Zoom from a distance being the new normal. You will hear what prompted Ed to learn to swim, how his first swimming lesson went, and what inspired him to make a film about his story. You will also hear about some of the myths, stereotypes, and stigma around talking about the lack of black participation in swimming.